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Weighted Jump Rope Sets

Always craving specific goals creates a bondage and inability to feel gratitude with your progress. Here at Gratitude Ropes, we believe in helping you stay consistent and reach your fitness goals, it starts with honoring and appreciating where you’re at now. The reminder of gratitude each time you pick up our ropes is what will keep you motivated and thankful to reach your goals.

Whether you’re just beginning your exercise journey or have years of experience, our top-of-the line weighted jump rope sets burn fat and stimulate muscle growth, providing a challenging workout for all experience levels. Exercise has been proven to significantly improve one’s physical and mental capabilities over time; however, maintaining the mindset needed to stay consistent and thankful for the process can be a challenge for many people. To help you achieve this, we offer a selection of weighted jump rope sets with the word “gratitude” etched into the handle, to serve as a reminder to maintain a positive mindset during your workout routine.  

Browse our website to learn more!Browse our website to learn more!

Workout Anywhere with Gratitude

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LEGS & GLUTES- Jumping is an explosive activity that requires the firing of your quads, glutes and hamstring muscles. Since these muscles are so heavily engaged you'll notice greater shape and definition in less time.

ARMS & BACK- Your shoulder stabilizers control the constant shifting weight of the rope that leads to a faster trained back, shoulders and arms muscles resulting in a tighter and toned upper body.

ABS & CHEST- Jumping rope requires you to keep your core tight and engaged. By engaging your core, you enable the rest of your body to work in sync with each other which results in a higher calorie burn and getting your 6 pack ABS faster.



Getting Started

Getting Serious

With gratitude in your hands

Take a moment to appreciate whatever you have in your life. Gratitude is the key that empowers you to live a happy life and achieve your goals! 

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