Our Story


Karly Kent, also known as Jump Rope Mom, is the driving force behind Gratitude Ropes. With her background as a competitive jump roper, certified fitness coach, and a mother of two, Karly has transformed her passion for jump rope into a mission to help others find fitness, gratitude, and appreciation for life.

Karly's personal journey led her to create Gratitude Ropes with the intention of instilling a sense of appreciation and thankfulness in every workout. By incorporating gratitude into each jump rope session, Karly believes that we can break free from the bondage of constantly craving specific goals and instead find contentment and joy in our progress.

Having experienced challenging times herself, Karly understands the power of focusing on the small wins and being grateful for even the tiniest aspects of our lives. It was this realization that inspired her to launch her own line of jump ropes called Gratitude Ropes. These ropes serve as a reminder to pause and appreciate the little victories that surround us, leading to a positive shift in our perspective.

Karly is passionate about helping others connect their minds and bodies, encouraging them to be thankful for where they are today and where they're headed. She understands the tendency to take achievements, our bodies, and our current lives for granted when we constantly strive for more. Through her coaching, Karly guides individuals in the art of jump rope, getting fit, and pursuing their dreams, all while fostering an attitude of gratitude regardless of the challenges they face.

With Karly's expertise and Gratitude Ropes in your hands, you'll not only improve your fitness but also develop a deeper appreciation for yourself and the world around you. By embracing gratitude, you can transform your workouts into moments of reflection, positivity, and personal growth.

Karly Kent and Gratitude Ropes are here to inspire you to take those small steps, appreciate your progress, and live a life filled with gratitude and joy.