Our Story


 Always craving specific goals creates a bondage and inability to feel gratitude with your progress.

Gratitude Ropes started with that in mind. Every time you pick up your jump rope you're reminded to honor and appreciate the small wins around you. To make it a habit with each workout to give thanks to something, big or small in your life. 

Every single achievement matters and the more we appreciate them, the more positivity and Gratitude we attract and let in. 

With Gratitude in your hands, you'll become more appreciative and happier with your efforts. You'll connect your mind and body and be thankful for where you're at today, and where you're headed.

About Karly Kent AKA Jump Rope Mom

Karly Kent, a former competitive jump roper, certified fitness coach, and mom of two, turned her childhood passion into a mission to help others get fit while finding gratitude and appreciation for life.

 Karly was inspired to start Gratitude Ropes after going through a difficult time and chose to focus on the little things she can be thankful for. That inspired her to launch her own Jump Ropes, called Gratitude. To serve as a reminder to take a moment and appreciate the tiny wins around us, that’s when our world starts to change. It's the small things that add up and can carry you through those hard times. 

 Karly knows first hand how striving for our fitness and life goals can make us take our achievements, body, and current lives for granted. Karly teaches others how to jump rope, get fit and inspires others to go after their dreams despite what is being thrown at them, with gratitude.