Our Story



Our Story

My story is just like yours, filled with passion and enthusiasm to achieve my goals. As a fitness enthusiast, fitness trainer and former competitive jump roper, I always wanted to achieve my goals. Between tough training sessions, heavy workouts, and achieving goals, I felt something was missing.

In the process of chasing goals, I forgot to make my workouts enjoyable and I took little achievements for granted. There I learned a lesson that changed my entire life.

Every single achievement matters and we should appreciate every single step because it leads to positivity and Gratitude. It also helps us to achieve contentment and contentment assures a healthy body.

With Gratitude in your hands, appreciate your every single effort you make and fitness goal you achieve because in the end what matters the most is 'You'.

How Gratitude Ropes Were Created

Thank fullness is a key to happiness. When you start appreciating every single milestone that you achieve in your life, you start feeling better and positive. This optimistic attitude leads to peaceful mind and healthy body. With the similar idea, we have designed and created customised Gratitude Ropes because we know that every single achievement matters and each step towards positivity opens hundreds of gates towards happiness.

As a fitness trainer I have achieved this positivity with the help of Gratitude Ropes. A jumping rope that helps in connecting mind and body leaves a long lasting positive effect. Something that stays with you.

Why it’s Special

From freestyle jumping to intense calorie burning workouts, you can use these ropes for various reasons. With interchangeable ropes and easily adjustable handles, you can switch from freestyle training to cardio workout in no time. These versatile Ropes can also help you to beat boredom by switching daily workouts and trainings.

Just like me, you can also turn your childhood passion into your profession. Jumping not only helped me to stay fit and healthy, but it has also changed my life in the best possible manner. I am here to inspire you with my success story of following my passion and turning it into my profession.

With Gratitude in my hands, I have achieved so much. As a mom of two, fitness trainer, and former competitive jump roper with optimistic approach towards life.

About Karly Kent AKA Jump Rope Mom

Karly Kent, a former competitive jump roper, certified fitness coach, and single mom of two, turned her childhood passion into a mission to help others get fit while finding gratitude and appreciation for life.

The first week of lockdown, Karly Iost her job, went through a divorce, had to sell her house and find a new home for her and her boys. All while trying to deal with the emotions, uncertainty and emptiness of the world. The ONLY thing that got her through it all was that lesson in gratitude. That inspired her to launch her own Jump Ropes, called Gratitude. To serve as a reminder to take a moment and appreciate the tiny wins around us, that’s when our world starts to change. It's the small things that add up and can carry you through those hard times. 

 Karly knows first hand how striving for our fitness and life goals can make us take our achievements, body, and current lives for granted. Karly teaches others how to jump rope, get fit and inspires others to go after their dreams despite what is being thrown at them, with gratitude.