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Jump Rope Mat

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When you're working out, it's crucial that you protect the space around you. With our jump rope mat, you'll enhance your workouts by creating the perfect environment for jumping rope!

The high density, premium padding ensures that your knees are protected against any sudden impacts. We know how important it is to protect your body, and exercise in a responsible way. This mat is the first step to doing just that!

The premium TPE material is incredibly versatile in its function. Not only does it protect your floor and joints - it’ll ensure that your ropes have a longer working life, as they make contact with a better material. What’s more, with anti-slip properties, you’ll reduce the chances of accidents with one simple product.

But that’s not all, this mat gives you the space to perform countless other activities. This unique size is 55x25 inches 8mm thick perfect for Yoga to home workouts, this is the mat that will complete your exercise space. With a large Gratitude motif on the front, you’ll learn to become more grateful for those around you as you workout. This is where mindfulness and fitness meet!

With a soft, shoulder strap bag, this mat becomes super portable. From weekend retreats to working out with friends, taking the mat with you is seamless!