Q: How to size your jump rope page

A: Click here  so you can get your customized rope. 

Q: How can I take care of my rope?

A: Best way is to store it rolled up in the case it came with. Do not keep it in extremely hot or cold places. Avoid hanging ropes to prevent kinking.

Q: Do you sell jump ropes for kids?

A: We are coming up soon with attractive and long lasting ropes for kids. Please stay with us so you can be the first to order our new ropes collection exclusively launched for kids.

Q: Do you offer workout and tutorial videos to go along with your jump ropes?

A: We do! We provide tutorials for our fitness lover customers. Workout tutorials are from beginners, intermediate to Advanced level so you can enjoy workout at home or anywhere without any trainer. Click here to start your Jump Rope fitness training today.

Q: I’m a gym owner, do you sell wholesale?

A: Yes, we offer wholesale packages to Gym owners.  Email us directly at (info@jumpropemom.com) to learn more about packages and services.

Q: Do you offer any Affiliate Program?

A: Yes! If you also aim to provide customized ropes to facilitate fitness lovers. Your mission aligns with ours so please email us at info@thejumpropemom.com 

Q: Where are your products made?

A: We customize, package and ship our ropes from San Diego, CA. While others parts are considered overseas.

Q: How to get started, warm up, and proper care for the jump ropes?

A: Watch the unboxing video of Jump Rope Gratitude here . In this video we have discussed instructions on how to set up and care for your new jump ropes to make them everlasting fitness companion.