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Elite weighted Jump Rope Set

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Elite jump rope set will provided you the most well-rounded workout with 3 levels of training ropes for the perfect balance of speed, endurance, and strength.

  • The lightest rope (2mm) is pure speed which will increase your quickness for double-unders, agility and fast footwork. 

  • The medium rope (6mm) is heavy enough to challenge your endurance while burning more calories but light enough to keep a steady pace to maximize your cardio sessions.

  • The heavy rope (10mm) will recruit the largest muscle groups and keep you out of a training plateau with short intense intervals of jumping rope. 

 Features/ Benefits of Using Gratitude ropes:

  • Customize your workouts and never get bored with 3 interchangeable weighted ropes so you can challenge your body with endurance and strength for any fitness level so you never to worry about hitting a training plateau.

  • Pre-cut ropes so you have the perfect length for your body and never have to worry about cutting them yourself which means you can start jumping the moment they arrive.

  • Portable hard case so you can keep your ropes from tangling and store them in one place which means you can take your workouts on the go.

  • Wire ropes with thick PVC coating so you can jump on any surface which means you can workout anywhere.

  • Sweat proof handles so you can workout without any interruptions which means more time to focus on YOU.

  • Gratitude written on the handles to serve as a reminder to take this moment to be thankful, big or small it all adds up.

  • Back by our 2 year warranty on all our ropes and mats, never worry about spending money on another jump rope. 

If you want to invest in a quality body, it's important to invest in quality equipment. Start with Gratitude.