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Gratitude Ropes

Elite weighted Jump Rope Set

Elite weighted Jump Rope Set

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Elevate Your Fitness with the Elite Jump Rope Set blending fun, functionality, and gratitude seamlessly.

Includes three rope weights to target speed, stamina, and strength.

1. Lightest Rope 1/8 lb (2mm): Speed Unleashed-Break speed barriers for agility drills and quick double-unders.

2. Medium Weight Rope 1/4 lb (6mm): Endurance and stamina-Challenge muscles and turn cardio into adventures.

3. Heaviest Rope 1 lb (10mm): Push Limits, Build strength-Engage large muscle groups for intensified drills

Additional Features:

  • Sweat proof handles
  • Pre-cut rope lengths
  • Convenient hard case for secure grip, easy setup, and transportability.
  • Gratitude reminder on the handles to promote and mindfulness, enhancing mental well-being during workouts.

🌟 Embrace the Challenge, Elevate Your Journey with Gratitude Ropes! 


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