Gratitude Ropes

Gratitude Jump Ropes

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With our gratitude ropes, we combine the practice of mindfulness and gratitude with fitness. This ensures that both mind and body are healthy, allowing you to thrive daily.

You can customize your weights at the click of a button, with our quick release lock system. Made from stainless steel, this system complements the high-quality materials of the rest of the rope, while ensuring that the system stays durable and lasts for years. If you want to invest in a quality body, it’s important to invest in quality equipment.

To tailor your workouts to achieve your desired results, you can choose from three different rope options. Each is weighted differently, allowing you to customize your activity - there’s a rope for everyone! 

  1. Basic rope 1/8 lb - great for beginners and freestyle jumping
  2. Cardio rope  1/4 lb - perfect weight for workouts to burn fat, faster
  3. Muscle rope 1/2 lb - add intensity as it recruits more muscle and burn more calories
 Features/ Benefits of Using Gratitude ropes:
  • Eco friendly aluminum with sweat resistant silicone grips so you can workout without any hindrance.
  • Gratitude engraved on the handles as a gentle reminder to remind you of your blessings and gratitude.
  • Dual ball bearing system for the smoothest skipping sessions.
  • Easily portable with Hard case removable shoulder strap so you can take your ropes anywhere, anytime.
  • Everlasting ropes are built with thick PVC coating over steel wire and stainless steel clasps. So you can enjoy your workout forever.
  • Interchangeable weighted bars to make your workouts more intense and challenging.
  • Pre-cut ropes to your height
Skipping is a wonderful form of exercise that promotes cardiac health, weight loss and general fitness, allowing you to build the body you’ve dreamed of. If you want to improve your body, it’s essential that you have the right equipment.