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Gratitude Ropes

Gratitude Weighted Jump Ropes

Gratitude Weighted Jump Ropes

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Enhance Your Workouts with Gratitude Weighted Jump Ropes!

Customizable: 3 interchangeable ropes offer resistance, portability, and versatility for enhanced calorie burn and muscle engagement.

1.Basic Rope (1/8 lb): Ideal for beginners and freestyle jumping, providing gentle resistance to build confidence.

2.Cardio Rope (1/4 lb): Perfect for cardio and endurance training, offering moderate resistance to elevate heart rate.

3.Muscle Rope (1/2 lb): Heaviest option for HIIT workouts and muscle toning, maximizing calorie burn and muscle engagement.

Additional Features:

  • Sweat proof handles
  • Pre-cut rope lengths
  • Convenient hard case for secure grip, easy setup, and transportability.
  • Optional weighted bars attach to handles for increased intensity and muscle challenge, maximizing calorie burn and body transformation.
  • Engraved handles promote gratitude and mindfulness, enhancing mental well-being during workouts.

Invest in Gratitude Weighted Jump Ropes for a versatile, reliable tool to customize and elevate your fitness journey.


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