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Gratitude Ropes

Rose Gold Weighted Jump Rope Set

Rose Gold Weighted Jump Rope Set

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Gratitude Ropes offer more calorie burn and muscle engagement than other forms of cardio, perfect for customizing and never reaching a training plateau. With 3 interchangeable weighted ropes, optional weighted bars in the handles and sweatproof handles, you can change the intensity and take your workout anywhere. The pre-cut ropes and portable hard case make them ready to use right away. Engraved with gratitude on the handles, Gratitude Ropes provide a reminder to focus on all that’s going right, and invest in the quality of your body.You can customize your rope weights at the click of a button allowing you adjust the intensity and keep things FUN. 

Each set comes with these 3 interchangeable ropes:

    1. Basic rope 1/8 lb - great for beginners and freestyle jumping

    2. Cardio rope  1/4 lb - perfect weight for cardio and endurance

    3. Muscle rope 1/2 lb - Best for HIIT workouts, muscle tone and burning calories

    If you want to invest in a quality body, it's important to invest in quality equipment. Start with Gratitude. 

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