Collection: Getting Started

If you're new to jumping rope or just getting back into fitness this set is perfect to challenge your body at your own pace. Comes with 3 rope weights that will adapt to your level of fitness and add intensity when needed. 

You can customize your rope weights at the click of a button allowing you to adjust the intensity and keep things FUN. Each set comes with these 3 interchangeable ropes:

    1. Basic rope 4mm - great for beginners and freestyle jumping

    2. Cardio rope  6mm - perfect weight for cardio and endurance

    3. Muscle rope 8mm- Best for HIIT workouts, muscle tone and maximizing your calorie burn

    Features/ Benefits of Using Gratitude ropes:
    • Customize your workouts and never get bored with 3 interchangeable weighted ropes so you can challenge your body with endurance and strength for any fitness level so you never to worry about hitting a training plateau.

    • Optional weighted bars to add in the handles so you can create more resistance which means you'll burn more calories in less amount of time.

    • Pre-cut ropes so you have the perfect length for your body and never have to worry about cutting them yourself which means you can start jumping the moment they arrive.

    • Portable hard case so you can keep your ropes from tangling and store them in one place which means you can take your workouts on the go.

    • Wire ropes with thick PVC coating so you can jump on any surface which means you can workout anywhere.

    • Sweat proof handles so you can workout without any interruptions which means more time to focus on YOU.

    • Gratitude engraved on the handles to serve as a reminder to take this moment and be thankful for something going well, the more you focus on the right things, the wrong things start to fade away.

    If you want to invest in a quality body, it's important to invest in quality equipment. Start with Gratitude.