Collection: Jump Rope Sets which one

The only jump rope systems you'll ever need to remain fit. Gratitude’s 3 in 1 package interchangeable ropes are designed with a quick release stainless steel lock system so you can easily change the weight of the ropes and weight of the handles depending on your workout needs.

Elite jump rope set - will provided you the most well-rounded workout with 3 levels of training ropes for the perfect balance of speed, endurance, and strength. Great for all levels as it will adapt to your fitness goals. 
  1. The lightest rope 1/16lb -is pure speed which will increase your quickness for double unders, agility and fast footwork.
  2. The medium rope 1/3lb -is heavy enough to challenge your endurance while burning more calories but light enough to keep a steady pace to maximize your cardio sessions.
  3. The heavy rope 1lb- will recruit the largest muscle groups and keep you out of a training plateau with short intense intervals of jumping rope. 
Gratitude Weighted Set- Great for freestyle, cardio and endurance. This is perfect for all levels as it will adapt to your fitness goals.  Each set comes with 3 versatile ropes that are designed to facilitate all workout levels and fitness goals.
  1. Basic rope 1/8 lb - great for beginners and freestyle jumping
  2. Cardio rope  1/4 lb - perfect weight for workouts to burn fat, faster
  3. Muscle rope 1/2 lb - add intensity as it recruits more muscle and burn more calories